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Carpal Tunnel Surgery - The Facts

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in a particular case, if the nerve is compressed in the bones of the wrist. A very painful disease, it is usually due to inflammation of the ligaments and tendons around the carpal tunnel. Scientists have discovered that there are many causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. Apart from the hand of exercise, heredity, hormonal changes, diabetes and arthritis, can some of the main causes of this disease.

The fact behind the carpal tunnelSurgery

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

The operation on a patient when the pain of this disease is made particularly intolerable. The carpal tunnel in a particular case is a beautiful passage through the wrist. N. median is located in the heart of the tunnel and is responsible for producing the feeling of a human hand. The movement of our finger is strongly influenced by nerves. The carpal ligament is present everywhere in the tunnel is lit during the illness and the causes of compressionN. median.

There are two basic types of surgical procedures exist for the treatment of this disease. Some of them have been explained below.

Different types of treatment

open surgery: This type of carpal tunnel surgery is performed on the base of the palm of the patient. The base is made, and the doctor can see all the tendons and ligaments in the wrist shot there. After the cut is made for the next task is to relieve pressure on the nerve on the group. Doctors dividethis volume into two parts, to relieve. This process is a gentle and generally dismiss a patient the day of surgery.

Endoscopic Surgery-This is not very different from the previous method. In this particular style of carpal tunnel surgery, the doctor makes an incision much smaller than the open surgery. The next task is to insert a small camera through the cup. This device allows the doctor to clearly see the ligaments and tendons. The main advantagethis procedure, the patient may be faster than the open surgery to repair.

In many cases it was found that the patient will wear wrist braces and social noticed the rails. Doctors recommend the use of these instruments because they are very beneficial for patients who were already affected by this disease. These tools let his right hand during movements of the hand.

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Carpal Tunnel Surgery - The Facts

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